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About the company
The company was established in 1997. Since 2001, it deals with formal and substantive support of construction projects in a complex way - from decisions about the conditions of development, building permit decisions, to the final acceptance of the objects.

We invite you to our office in Kościerzyna at 26th Długa Street. It is located in the building, that was designed by us and we supervised its implementation, what is the best showpiece. Business office is located at 19th Fingrowa Huta.

Our regular customers
  • BUDOPRZEM Olsztyn - TESCO (Polnad) Sp.z.o.o.,
  • Facility Management Company LTD Warsaw,
  • The Material Reserves Agency Warsaw,
  • County Authority in Kościerzyna,
  • Poviat Family Support Centre Kościerzyna,
  • Nursing Home in Cisiewie,
  • Municipality of Kościerzyna,
  • Zdrojewscy sp.j.,
  • ANR Warsaw GNiAZ Bytów,
  • Commune of Liniewo,
  • Commune of Kolbudy,
  • Commune of Nowa Karczma,
  • Commune of Żukowo,
  • Commune of Sierakowice,
  • The Material Reserves Agency branch in Szczecin,
  • Danmar Szymbark,
  • Forest inspectorate of Lipusz,
  • Kościerskie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego,
  • Museum of Kościerska Land,
  • SENDOM - Stara Kiszewa,
  • ANR Bytów

Our offer
We offer full service of investments, from decisions about the conditions of development, building permits with obtaining permission to use and implement construction projects (turnkey)
  • Construction Supervision (Inspector, Construction Manager),
  • Stocktaking and the legalization of buildings,
  • Projects for agriculture,
  • Sale and adaptations of construction projects,
  • Cost estimates (construction and engineering),
  • Expert assessments and cost estimate opinions ,
  • Preparation of offers and tenders,
  • Acceptance of buildings,
  • Support for banks and financial institutions in the control of the implementation of construction investments,
  • Substitute investor,
  • Land surveying,
  • Credit counseling,
  • We conduct construction site log books and carry out periodic inspections of buildings.
We do ready building objects - shells, finishing works. We offer our own turnkey homes.

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