Agriculture services
For farmers, we offer:

We are the representative of design offices for agriculture, including Agro-projects Inwestprojekt, Agrobisp.

In our offer farmers will find inter alia:
  • Projects of free stall barns and tie stalls,
    • For 60 head of cattle,
    • For 30 head of cattle,
  • Projects of manure plates,
  • Slurry tanks,
  • Projects of septic tanks.

Our company provides a wide range of farmers-oriented services.

We design livestock, conducting oversight of construction jobs as well as provide comprehensive services in the field of investment services - arrangements, checks, etc.
So far, we have completed a number of topics related to projects, adaptations of projects, construction supervision - construction supervisor - as well as comprehensive support for agriculture merits.

For our regular customers we offer discounts and special offers.

We invite you to our office!

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