Our offer
In today's era when the lack of time is particularly noticeable, investor has someone who can save his or her time by taking care of the tasks connected with the investment implementation: it is the Investment Service Agency-de Janauis BP.,
  • We represent the investor in obtaining a decision on land development and management conditions and take care of all the necessary conditions and arrangements - from A to Z,
  • We are a representative and seller of all the best design offices on Polish market, including: MURATOR, ARCHON+, Archeton, Archipelag , Atrium, MTM Styl , KB Projekt , AGROBISP, Agro - Projekty and many more,
  • We sell and do adaptations of ready projects , we also take care of development plans and all paperwork associated with obtaining a building permit,
  • We present to the Investor a preliminary or detailed calculation of the designed building,
  • We will help to select and check the contractor - we also organize 'mini tender' and we will help choose materials and technologies and their supplier,
  • We have 11 years of experience in project implementation as the supervision of the investment or substitute investor, we also create a customer-friendly atmosphere - it is he or she who creates a vision of his/her own house,
  • We create a climate of full cooperation in the planning phase, the implementation and completion,
  • Each investor is treated individually,and our work is tailored to the expectations of the investor,
  • We execute projects related to agriculture - cowsheds, pigsties, manure plates etc.,
  • We accompany the Investor in making strategic decisions at every stage of the investment,thanks to that he or she can avoid many mistakes and additional costs,
  • comprehensive acceptance of buildings,
  • We conduct inspections of the project implementations on behalf of the banks financing construction projects,
  • complex construction of turnkey buildings. Shells snd finishing works.
  • construction of buildings for agriculture.

webmaster: Oskar Janik